A part of the Seisen-Ryo Courtesy Bus schedule has been changed. (2015-03-19)

Thank you very much for staying with us.

The following time schedule of Seisen-Ryo Courtesy bus between Kiyosato Station and Seisen-Ryo has been changed, according to the change of the time schedule of JR Koumi Line since March 14, 2015.

Departing Kiyosato station 3:55 pm  →  Arriving Seisen-Ryo at 4:05 pm

The above bus has a good connection to the following trains:
                   Departing Kobuchizawa station 3:05 pm, arriving Kiyosato Station at 3:30 pm
                   Departing Nobeyama station 3:40 pm, arriving Kiyosato Station at 3:47 pm

Other courtesy buses run on the current schedule. See the link for more detail.

Please make sure of your bus schedule when traveling to Seisen-Ryo.

We all look forward to your visit to Seisen-Ryo.

Thank you.